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The Southern Hemisphere’s Largest Fresh Fruit Exporter  

Chilean fresh fruit earned a name for itself as a world-class product in a single decade. As a result, Chile stands now as the Southern Hemisphere’s largest shipper of fruit products.

We are surrounded on all sides by formidable natural barriers shielding it from pest and disease. As a long country, Chile has practically all climates, from the desert heat of the north to the Antarctic cold of the south. The result is the ability to grow a wide range of quality products on over 320,000 hectares stretching throughout the length of the country.

Fresh fruit –including, lemons, clementines, oranges and mandarins– is grown throughout Chile and growers/exporters are now expanding into new markets to place their high quality products.

Wide recognition of Chile as a fruit fly-free zone has greatly expanded the range of export products, notably citrus fruits. To achieve these results, the industry has invested vast amounts on technology ensuring stringent quality controls.

As an exporter country, Chile meets all Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standards required by world markets, as certified by recognized international institutions.


Geographical location allows Chile to ship fresh fruit and produce to Northern Hemisphere markets during their off-season.

An extensive network of economic cooperation and trade agreements gives Chilean products significantly enhanced market access and provides a consolidated framework that strongly favors the export business.

Fruit and produce consumers are assured the distinctive quality, color, flavor, firmness and aroma of each product

Chile is a country committed to sustainability and the environment whose stringent production standards can match those of concerned world consumers who demand quality, fresh, yet sustainably-grown products.

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