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Where Citrus Grow

Chile, a World Food Powerhouse

The Chilean food industry has made strides in recent decades. This dynamic, modern sector offers a highly diversified array of products highly appreciated by quality-conscious consumers everywhere.

A standing network of trading arrangements with 58 countries has helped position Chile as the world’s sixteenth-largest food exporter. Sales are worth over US$12 billion at present and are expected to top US$20 billion in 2015, effectively placing Chile among the top-ten food producing countries.

A unique geography and climate, a bountiful sea and highly skilled human resources have turned Chile into a global supplier of quality foods and beverages. Chile offers the world a highly diversified lineup of value-added, wholesome, quality products.

Surrounded on all sides by formidable natural barriers effectively shielding it from pest and disease, Chile is the Southern Hemisphere’s Largest Fresh Fruit Exporter, and their citrus such as lemons, clementines, mandarins, oranges and grapefruits, stands out for their distinctive Quality, Color, Flavor, Firmness and Aroma.


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